Foam Engine Bay Seal VW T2 Bay 1972–1979

JK Part Number: J10219 OEM Part Number: 411-813-225

Foam Engine Bay Seal VW T2 Bay 1972 1979

Customer Reviews (14)

  • does just what it says

    Very easy to fit. Dark side down, take your time.
    A fairly quick job, result looks nice. Fits well.

    Review by day on 22/11/2016

  • Easy to fit....

    Easy to fit....

    Review by Jac on 15/03/2016

  • Engine seal

    I'm no mechanic, just a lover of VW's and my camper! So, I'm gonna take it to my mechanic, as it was his idea to order and buy a new one. Looks the part, will instruct him dark side down, as per previous reviews, no doubt he would know that anyway, but it sounds like I know what I'm talking about. Thanks for great delivery too.

    Review by Linda on 12/09/2015

  • Good product

    This is an excellent easy to fit product. It did not come with any detailed instructions but after reading some of the other reviews I was able to fit it in about 10 minutes... Dark side down as all the reviews said. It was able to stand up to a bit of gentle pushing and tugging without splitting or damaging. I would recommend it.

    Review by Rusty on 24/08/2015

  • engine lid seal

    Received an engine lid seal from gsf it was a total joke . Length did not fit in any way ,could not close lid . Got new one from jk and it was actually cheaper than gsf plus it fits like a glove.

    Review by danas on 11/08/2015

  • Easy to fit

    This seal was of a good quality and was very easy to fit, I fitted it shiny side down and now it tidies the engine bay nicely. This also keeps the engine bay air clean so you don't get any exhaust smells coming back in. Good product.

    Review by Bdz on 26/05/2015

  • Buon prodotto

    La ritengo un buon prodotto.
    Montata come consigliano qui con la faccia scura rivolta verso il basso.
    L'ho installata senza tirarla e devo dire che si è adattata bene.

    Review by enrico on 29/10/2014

  • Easier To Fit Than Expected.

    I thought this might be a pain to fit due to the limited access in the engine bay. Luckily I was wrong and its not to difficult at all. As the other reviews say "dark side down". The fit is excellent and it makes the engine bay look a lot neater. My 1600 runs far better since replacing the old one as well.

    Review by empers on 27/10/2014

  • 10 minute job, fits perfectly

    Did this in ten minutes flat (and I'm no mechanic). I found removing the air filter housing and ensuring all cables etc. were out of the way helped. Removed old, tired, messy, torn seal and replaced with shiny, new seal by doing what the instructions in the description here says and kept the smooth (black / dark) side down. It is a bit fiddly getting behind the fan housing but if you squeeze one lip in first then go back over it with your fingers and squeeze the other side in all goes to plan.
    Your bus will thank you for it!

    Review by kerouacfan on 16/10/2014

  • Perfect Fit

    For those who have had failures above- The biggie is Dark Side Down , the softer foam side wrinkles when installed. Yes this IS the correct shape when installed DARK SIDE DOWN and looks great. I did not pull on or install the foam tightly as I assume it would shrink, the ends matched perfectly to the millimetre when installed. With no alt seal, engine bay seal or spark plug seal , on 25-29c days I was getting 125c oil temp at 90kmh. With the 3 seals now in place, I have lowered the oil temp to 110 C a big improvement. This seal is necessary to aid the fan function as it increases air pressure in the top engine bay while on the move. Great product.

    Review by 001BUS on 05/02/2014

  • Perfect Fit

    The biggie is " Dark Side Down" when installing or the foam wrinkles on the softer sponge side. So I installed Dark Side Down and it gave a smooth, neat finish The length was perfect - I didn't pull it tight as I knew it would shrink and the ends matched to the millimetre. A necessary part of the engine installation as it maintains a slight positive pressure in the engine bay while moving, aiding the airflow to the fan and the engine cooling. Without it and spark plug seals 125c in traffic on a 25c day-oil temp in traffic and road to 90KMH, with both installed, it lowered oil temp to 110C at 90 and 25c. a good improvement.

    Review by 001BUS on 05/02/2014

  • Nice Product

    Great product for the price, fitted easily and length spot on, didn't read other reviews until i had brought it but had no trouble myself.

    Review by Ken on 22/10/2013

  • Very poor quality

    I can see you only print good reviews, i reviewed this a few weeks back saying what poor quality it was and how hard it was to fit, but you have not put it up for all to see. I guess with no reviews we keep spending our money on goods that are not fit for use.

    Review by sarah on 06/10/2013

    JK Response

    Hi Sarah,

    We did indeed receive your previous review, but unfortunately our review system has been badly attacked by spambots and so there's been quite a delay between users submitting the reviews and us finding the genuine reviews amidst all the spam.

    Please see the reply to your previous review for more information

    The JK Team

    Just had one of these fitted no where near as good as my original one which sadly had to go, took near on an hour to fit as it's the wrong shape and also tore while doing so, then found it wasn't long enough either. The vw dealer fitting it was not happy, nor was i.

    Review by Grumpy on 17/09/2013

    JK Response

    Hi there,

    Thank you for taking the time to send in this review, feedback like this is invaluable to us as we're constantly expanding and improving our range here at JK.

    We're really sorry to hear that you had such issues with this seal, and we'll be looking in to why this was.
    Could I ask whether you contacted us ( with regards to the issues that the fitter at the main dealer had with this seal?
    It's really unusual that it would take an hour to fit one of these seals, and we would have been able to advise and investigate when you found that the seal was too short, as these seals are usually absolutely spot on.

    Thanks in advance
    The JK Team

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