Luxury Breathable Van Cover VW T2 VW T25 High Top Models

JK Part Number: J29561

Luxury Breathable Van Cover VW T25 VW T2 High Top Models

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  • Works well.

    I've just purchased my second one of these covers, the first has done me three years and worked well. However the straps underneith were torn off in high winds last year and next door's cat has been clawing at the corners. This, together with three years of sun, rain and seagulls caused the cover to allow some condensation which I'd never seen before. So the new one is a little uprated by the looks of it, has plenty of room for my T25 high top with rear ladder and should do me another three years. When you think of the benefit you get from the cover the cost over three years is basically one pub meal for two per year - just do it. You'd need to be a magician to get it into the bag though!

    Review by Andy on 13/02/2017

  • Excellent product and service as always

    Dear JK
    The cover arrived just after midday. I had chatted to customer services about whether it would fit as I have a Fiamma awning on the camper (and a cycle rack on the back!). The chap I spoke to said it might be snug. I can happily report that it fits just fine. I only wish I'd bought one years ago!
    Thanks again.

    Review by LKG on 18/06/2016

  • T25 high top cover

    Great fit. Have only had it a week but looks to be doing the job well

    Review by Hay on 14/02/2016

  • Snug cover

    I found this cover too snug a fit on high top T25. The Velcro straps to fit zipped sides meet but will not stay attached; the long webbing strap underneath has torn due to this weeks high winds probably shafing on the exhaust or metal underbody; the fit is too tight to comfortably cover the rear bumper and every day I am adjusting the cover front to back; I am worried the material will shafe and tear over the rear corners of high top. If only it had another 6inches of material in the front to rear measurement I would be a much happier bunny.

    Review by anet on 16/11/2015

  • Good fit, interesting material, but not yet had chance to see how it weathers!

    First impressions are good, as the materila, zips etc look good and the fit is brilliant. However the proof of the rain coat is in the wearing. I can fully review in April once it has gone through a winter.

    Review by Strebor on 12/10/2015

  • Good value

    Bought this cover last October an very goo value for money.kept van dry right through the winter.would recommend.very pleased.

    Review by Paul on 01/03/2015

  • Excellent

    I have had problems with similar covers over the years, but this one is a big improvement. It does really need two people to fit it to a high top, particularly to flip it over the roof light, but it is a snug fit on my T25. I especially like the front to back strap (probably best to fit when the engine is cold!); and the top adjusters. It is a lot thicker than previous covers, and the attention to detail like the soft protection to the strap buckles is a nice touch. I have not tried the door flaps yet, and I am a bit concerned as to how robust the velcro at the bottom of the door flaps will be, as they are under a bit of tension. Not a cheap cover, but I think completely worth it.

    Review by bravoch on 03/11/2014

  • great cover

    Hi, I bought a high top version for my 64 split bus as it has a roof rack. Cover fits right over it all and down to the ground. Very good quality two straps side to side and one front to back. Only downside is the two bright orange logos on it in no idea place which makes it look a bit tacky!
    Other wise good

    Review by phil sparks on 21/08/2014

  • At last - a dry bus!

    Having tolerated a flimsy, loose caravan cover on my T2 bus for the last year, it was about time I upgraded to a cover specifically intended for a high-top bay window. It's only been on a day, so I can't comment on its durability, but the material quality seems good, the zips are sturdy and good quality and they're protected by flaps and Velcro to help keep the elements out. There's a row of adjustable straps along the sides of the roof to help the cover fit the bus and the two side-to-side straps and one lengthways strap beneath the bus ensure the cover stays snug, so I'm sure it won't flap around in the wind like the old cover did. It comes with a bag, so can be easily stored when not in use. So far, I'm very happy... hopefully I'll stay this way!

    Review by Freckle on 03/06/2014

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