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Weber Single Carb Conversion Kit VW T2 Bay 1700cc, 1800cc, 2000cc 1971–1979 VW T25 2000cc Aircooled 1979–1983

JK Part Number: J11144 OEM Part Number: 43-0670-0


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Quality EMPI product. Includes manifolds, gaskets, electric choke and vacum take off for the distributor and servo. Fits VW T2 Bays and VW T25 with 1700cc, 1800cc and 2000cc aircooled Type 4 engines. When fitted to T25s, this will require modification to the engine hatch and/or sourcing an alternative air filter. You can use the filter and top from J34288

Please Note: Kit requires setting adjustment using a rolling road. Not suitable for vans fitted with an automatic gearbox.

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Manufacturer Empi
OEM Part Number 4306700
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  • Great Value and great performance

    This carb has been fitted to my 1982 2000 air cooled T25 as the old solex carbs were well and trully kaput !
    Great carb with increased performance making over taking easier.
    Note the carb slipped along the inlet manifolds and i have since fitted jubilee clips on the carb and manifold end of the rubber pipes and now it a reall bad boy

    by BERTIE on 17/09/2012

  • Great value for money!

    I bought this little bad *** for my 2.0 1980 T25 and I'm chuffed to bits with it! It takes a while to fit and you have to reposition the throttle cable but it makes a massive improvement if your old solex's are knackard! The instuctions aren't the best (They are quite vauge and writen for the US market as they refer to the right side of the van as the passenger side) but any top bloke with DIY experiance will be able to put it together! I'd recomend buying half a meter of 7mm fuel hose as the one provided in the EMPI box is too short. Also if you get the smaller air filter it comes with a free Scat sticker! If you've got carbatooter problems this is the best value for money kit around!

    by Jonny Cool on 31/10/2010

  • What a difference

    This super carb conversion was fitted to my 1972 bay which has a T4 engine. The worn out twin carbs have been bined and replaced with this carb. Even without setting up on a rolling road, I have now got better MPG and much better performance. Highly recommended

    by David from Beare Green on 16/07/2010

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Questions & Answers (10)

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    • Finn said: 06/01/2010 23:13
    • would this fit a 1.9 DG code engine in a T25?
    • Answer: Sorry but I would say this should only be fitted to Air cooled vans.
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    • Pete said: 15/01/2010 12:48
    • how is the auto choke it wired to coil, if so what size wire and do the flaps open automatically if it isnt wired up ?
    • Answer: Auto choke is wired straight to the coil by 0.3mm wire, if you do not wire in the chokes they wont open.
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    • Simon said: 27/02/2010 15:07
    • I have a CJ, is this a straight repacement for the exisiting set up?
    • Answer: This is a straight replacement on a cu or CJ engine but may need drilling and tapping for a vacuum take off for a vacuum standard distributor. The T25 vans will need modification to the engione lid or a low profile air filter.
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    • Simon said: 03/03/2010 18:48
    • Do I have to tune this or is it basically set up straight from the Box?
    • Answer: All carbs will need fine tuning to gain optimum efficiency, ideally with a session on a rolling road to get it spot on. but they are set up to get you running from the box
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    • Simon said: 04/03/2010 21:01
    • There is a brass tube on the side of the unit, just visible under the air filter in your photo, what is this the take off for? and where do I plumb the fuel tank vent pipe or do I tap into the air filter plate?
    • Answer: I'm sorry I can't see the pipe you are refering to. The fuel tank breather will need to be tapped into the base plate.
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    • david said: 09/03/2010 13:39
    • what are the rubbers joining the manifold to the carburetta base called & where can i purchase replacements
    • Answer: They are Manifold Boots (J11427) and you'll be needing four of them if you place an order.
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    • Chris said: 01/04/2010 13:52
    • I have this unit fitted to a 2.0l aircooled engine, but it tends to suffer from carb icing in cold weather, do you know how I can reduce / stop this?
    • Answer: The manifolds can ice up on occasion on any carb, normally this is an indication of the mixture not being quite correct
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    • Derick said: 09/04/2010 15:11
    • I have fitted a single carb conversion kit supplied by yourselves ,theT25 now starts ok but when warm has a very bad flat spot on pick up from tickover,any idears.
    • Answer: I would suggest setting the carb and timing up with the vehicle on a rolling road as the carb comes set up for an average engine, just to get you up and running but to get peak performance you will need to tune the carb for your sepecific application
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    • gaby said: 26/04/2010 23:22
    • is this a two stage carb. first 32mm second 36 mm
    • Answer: This is the 32/36 dual progressive carb kit
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    • Richard said: 05/08/2010 12:54
    • Do you know what jet sizes this is setup with as standard ?
    • Answer: Sorry but we do not have this data listed.
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Air-Cooled Petrol (1971 - 1979) :

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