Rear 3-Point Seatbelt (With Extender) T2 Split 1955–1967 T2 ...

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Rear 3-Point Seatbelt (With Extender) T2 Split 1955–1967 T2 Bay 1967–1979 & Brazilian Bays

JK Part Number: J10652 OEM Part Number: 211-857-693/C


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Quality Securon product. Made in the UK. Main belt length 208cm, supplied with 40cm extender. Fits VW T2 Split Screens from 1955 to 1967, T2 Bays from 1967 to 1979 and Brazilian made Bays. The extra length makes it a lot easier to fit a belt around a rock 'n' roll bed and is also useful if you are using a child seat or booster cushion in the rear of your camper. Please Note Due to the various conversion available it may be necessary to fit alternative mounting points. We always recommend that seat belts are fitted by a qualified technician.

Safety belts are proven lifesavers. Don't cut corners - replace old or worn belts, or retro fit them to the rear of your van.
For safety reasons, we are not able to assist with any warranties or returns for this item. Any questions or problems should be addressed directly to the manufacturers on 01494 434455.
Important Note:
Please be aware that the Seat Belt Extender is now ONLY available in RED.
This is to ensure that it is obvious that it stands out as an addition and NOT part of the original Seat Belt.

Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Finance Available on This Product Yes
Deposit 0.0
Width (CM - Packed) 32.0
Height (CM - Packed) 10.0
Depth (CM - Packed) 7.0
Manufacturer Securon
OEM Part Number 211857693C
Additional Carriage Charge 0.0
Special Order Lead time 0

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  • Rear 3 point seatbelt fitment

    After reading both previous reviews I too decided to buy one for my 1970 westfalia to safely travel with my son in the rear.The instructions are not spacific to the bay but simple enough to fit anyway.As with the first reviewer though the belt even with the extender is way too short.Very disappointed and noway would this fit around an adult.I can't even be bothered to send it back and will search for a decent replacement.

    by Paul on 04/12/2015

    JK Response

    Thank you for your review. Were sorry to hear you had a problem with this belt. We have fitted these to our own early Westys in the past and not experienced this problem. Please can you contact our customer services team so that we can resolve this for you Thanks JK
  • Fits Perfectly Over a Child Seat

    Having recently purchased a 1972 T2 Bay Westfalia bus, we needed to install a rear seat belt in the back to take our 2 year old daughter out in her car seat. I admit to being slightly apprehensive of this purchase, having read the previous review but decided to trust Just Kampers and buy it anyway. I'm glad I did as it fits perfectly, the bolts supplied also were the right size for the pre-tapped fixing points in my bus so installation was a doddle. My old front seat belts need replacing in the near future as well so I will definitely be buying the replacement items from Just Kampers.

    by Tom on 16/09/2015

  • Doesn't fit our van

    First attempt to fit this failed due to the bolts supplied not matching the tapped holes on our van (1974 bay). We rectified this by buying some more bolts from our local DIY store. Managed to fit the belt on the second attempt to find it was way too short. Only way we can get it done up is by removing the seat pad to lower the height of the seat. An extender is supplied but even with this fitted there is no chance it will fit around our son's car seat, which is what we bought it for.

    by Alfiesmum on 23/08/2014

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Questions & Answers (10)

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    • Andrew said: 14/04/2010 20:42
    • Is the item supplier with fixing bolts?
    • Answer: Yes, this belt comes with the fixings
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    • andrew said: 19/04/2010 20:25
    • will these be suitable for a 72 westfalia with full width rock and roll please
    • Answer: This can be used with the westfalia rock and roll bed (My colleague has them in his 73 westy)
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    • yannick said: 28/04/2010 22:08
    • I would like to use this seat belt for fix a baby seat in my 79 T2 Devon. can you confirm me that this belt is enough or can i add a extension J11679? Best regards
    • Answer: This belt should fit around a child seat but the rear facing seats tend to push the belt to its limits. this comes with the extender you mention so the adjustment available in this tends to enable the use of a child seat. Without knowing the exact specifications of your seat I cant say for certain if it will fit, but this belt is often used by people fitting child seats, without problem
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    • Phil said: 05/06/2010 07:55
    • can anyone tell me how/where to fit this to the LHS of my 77 Westy with 3/4 width R&R bed (ie how to secure on the CUPBOARD-side of the bus)?
    • Answer: DONT!!! You can not fit a 3 point belt on this side of the vehicle and under no circumstance should you attempt to run the belt thru a cupboard. You will need to fit a lap belt J10557 on this side of the vehicle.
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    • Eric said: 05/01/2011 15:29
    • Where is the upper mounting point on the rear RHS (non-cupboard) side of the bus?
    • Answer: The upper mounting point for the reel is behind the trim panel below the rear window on a microbus (the panel vans do not have the mountings fitted originally) it is about 6 inches back from the seat normally.
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    • toby said: 31/01/2011 22:56
    • can you tell me the dimensions of the reel please?
    • Answer: The reel measures 120mm wide, 90mm tall by 78mm deep
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    • stephen said: 24/02/2011 20:22
    • Can i fit this to the window side of my 69 westfalia 3/4 rr bed setup?
    • Answer: Yes, infact this is what my colleague uses in his westy camper
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    • john said: 17/04/2011 11:36
    • i cant find where the mounting point is for the belts i can see the two in the middle but not the one on the wheel arch? although my fixed bed is attatched to the wheel arch maybe they used the seat belt point? its a 1975 bay? many thanks john
    • Answer: They did often use the seatbelt mounting points on the vans so it is entirely possible your bed is mounted to the seatbelt point
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    • claire said: 27/06/2011 19:58
    • Hi, Can some one clarify for me...Are there three points attaching to the bus on the reel side (ignoring the clip/arm side)? The first being the reel down at the base ..then the belt feeding up through a loop mounted just under the window and a third fixed to a bolt on the floor?? Ive seen diagrams that look like this but the photo only shows two points ..
    • Answer: No, this belt fixes at the reel (point 1) then diagonally across your torso to the buckle (point 2) and then across your lap down to the body fixing below the seat (point 3). Hopefully this clarifies things for you
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    • Rachel said: 27/06/2011 23:24
    • I have a T2 1979 converted panel van - am currently refitting the the rear. It has a full sized rock and roll bed and I would like to fit 3 point seat belts for children on booster seats (and adults - not on booster seats!!). There are no cupboards / panels or otheer impeding object.... is this the correct belt to fit both near and off side? Do I need additional fixing materials - none currently in place. And..... is this really a 3 point harness - over the shoulder and across the lap.... I am very new to this!! I also need to replace the front middle belt. Can this also be a 3 point harness - or does it need to be a lap belt. Thank you for taking the time to read / answer.

    • Answer: Yes, I can confirm that this is what you need to fit on either side of your van, and this should not be a problem as you have no cupboards. The mounting plates you would need to install would be j11582 these are sold in pairs and you would need 3 mounts per belt so 3 pairs would be required. For the front centre seat you will require a lap belt as the 3 point belt would not really be suitable. For this you could fit the inertia reel belt j13538 or the fixed lap belt J10557
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Vehicle Compatability

VW T2 Split Screen

Air-Cooled Petrol (1955 - 1967) :

1200cc, 1500cc


VW T2 Bay Window

Air-Cooled Petrol (1967 - 1979) :

1600cc, 1700cc, 1800cc, 2000cc


VW T2c Brazilian Bay Window

Water-Cooled & Air-Cooled Petrol (0 - 0) :

1400cc, 1600cc


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